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14th. IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering
ISSRE 2003

Extending the Reach of Software Reliability Engineering
Denver, Colorado Nov 17-20, 2003

Final Program
The room in which a particular event is scheduled is given within parenthesis next to it.

Monday, 11/17/2003   Tutorials and Workshop (Registration - Hotel Lobby, Breakfast - Winter Park)


Tutorial (Winter Park)

Workshop (Geneva Basin)

·    Tutorial 1: John Musa:  More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper

·    Workshop on Software Assessment

Lunch (Evergreen)


Tutorial (Winter Park)

Workshop (Geneva Basin)

·       Tutorial 2: Bojan Cukic: Introduction to Biometrics System Assurance

·   Workshop on Software Assessment (cont.)

6:00-8:00 Reception (Fremont)



Tuesday, 11/18/2003    Industry Practice Day (Registration  & Breakfast - Ballroom Foyer)

8:30-9:30 1. Keynote: Nicholas Bowen, IBM (Rm Monarch / Loveland)

Break (Ballroom Foyer)

10:00 - 11:30 Parallel Sessions

2A. Testing Techniques (Evergreen)

2B. Development Methodology (Independence)

2C. Panel (Monarch / Loveland)

·   Acceleration and Optimization of Defect Detection over Covered Tests, J. Xu , C. Li and X. Wang, Cisco Systems

·   Branch Coverage Testing and Visualization for Domain Specific Languages, H. Zheng & I. Baxter, Semantic Designs

·   The example of improving quality of imbedded system software applied to automated software test methods, S.-S. Han, I.-S.g Yang, E. Kim and S. D. Park, Samsung

·   Application of IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures of the Software Aspects of Dependability, N. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School

·   Is Software Error Estimation Compatible with Agile Development Teams?, J. Hagar, Lockheed Martin

·   Implementing Process and Quality Improvements During Difficult Economic Times, R. Cheatham, IBM Printing Systems

·   Everything You Wanted to Know About Software Reliability Engineering But Didn’t Know Who to Ask, Coordinator J. Musa

Lunch (Attrium)

1:00 - 2:00 3. Keynote: Paul England, Microsoft (Monarch / Loveland)

Break (Ballroom Foyer)

2:30-4:00 Parallel sessions

4A. Testing Distributed Environments (Monarch/Loveland)

4B. Understanding Quality of Service (Independence)

4C. Fast abstracts I (Evergreen)

·   Analysis of Communication Traces to Improve Reliability of Distributed Systems, A. Ulrich, Siemens

·   Intelligent SAN Test framework (INSAT),  K. Dhanadevan and M. Satish Kumar, HP

·   Experience with a Profile-based Automated Testing Environment,  R. Binder, Mobile Systems Verification

·   Automatic Detection of Service Degradations in Telecom Systems,  A. M. da Silva Filho, M. K. I. Doi, A. Morales and P. Lima, State U of Maringa

·   Quality of Service for Web services-‘Demystification, Limitations & Best practices’,  R. Sumra & D. Arulazi, HP

·   QoS and Reliability in Smart Homes,  N. Dhanakoti, Satyam Computer Services

Security and Reliability: Techniques, Assurance and Modeling


Break (Ballroom Foyer)

4:15-5:45 Parallel sessions

5A. Approaches to Reliability Improvement (Evergreen)

5B.  Measuring Reliability & Availability (Independence)

5C. Panel (Monarch/Loveland)

·   Software Failure Modes and Effect Analysis – Techniques & Methods,  K. Sundaram, R. Stoddard, M. Olaosebikan, T. Petersen & E. Vraney, Motorola

·   Resilience for Autonomous Agents,  M. Mowbray and M. M. Williamson, HP

·   Data-Driven with Data Mining for Reliability,  R. Wen, AP Technology

·   Measuring and Improving System Availability -- Field Performance and In-Process Metrics,  S. Kan & D. Manlove, IBM

·   System Reliability and Availability Measurement Methodology,  A. George & M. G. Becker, HP

·   A Tool for Calculating Software Reliability Predictions Based on Latent Fault Density,  J. Peterson, Raytheon

·   Open source software - A recipe for vulnerable software or the  only way to keep bugs and bad guys out?,  Coordinator: S. Bagchi

6:30-10:00 Bus ride to Downtown


Wednesday, 11/19/2003   Research Day 1 (Registration - Ballroom Foyer)

7:30-8:30 Breakfast (Fremont)

Posters all day (Fremont)

8:30-9:30 6. Keynote: Prof. Barry Boehm (Monarch/Loveland)

Break (Fremont)

10:00 - 12:00 Parallel Sessions

7A. Test Effectiveness I (Monarch/Loveland)

7B. Requirements Analysis (Independence)

7C. Student Papers (Evergreen)

·   Detection or isolation of defects? an experimental comparison of unit testing and code inspection,  P. Runeson, A. Andrews

·   Toward a comprehensive and systematic methodology for class integration testing,  L.C. Briand, Y. Labiche, Y. Wang

·   Optimal resource allocation for the quality control process,  P. Jalote, B. Vishal

·   Test-driven development as a defect-reduction practice,  L. Williams, E. M. Maximilien, M. Vouk

·   Building a requirement fault taxonomy: experiences from a NASA verification and validation research project,  J. H. Hayes

·   A new software testing approach based on domain analysis of specifications and programs,  R. Zhao, M. R. Lyu, Y. Min

·   Static specification analysis for termination of specification-based data structure repair,  B. Demsky, M. Rinard

·   Requirements by contracts allow automated system testing, C. Nebut, F. Fleurey, Y. Le Traon, J.-M. Jézéquel

·    Student Papers
Students will display posters all day in the Fremont room

Lunch (Attrium for general attendees, Snowmass for steering committee) 

1:30-3:00 PM Parallel Sessions

8A. Test Effectiveness II (Monarch/Loveland)

8B. Secure Systems (Independence)

8C. Formal Reliability Analysis (Evergreen)

·   Coverage criteria for logical expressions,  P. Ammann, J. Offutt and H. Huang

·   Anomalies as precursors of field failures,  S. Elbaum, S. Kanduri, A. Andrews

·   An empirical study on testing and fault tolerance for software reliability engineering, - M. R. Lyu, Z. Huang, Sam K.S. Sze

·   Tamper resistence for software protection,  H. Jin, J. Lotspich

·   A framework for tamper detection marking of mobile applications,  M. Jochen, L. M. Marvel, L. L. Pollock

·   High-assurance synthesis of security services from basic microservices,  S. Kim, F. B. Bastani, I-L. Yen, and I.-R. Chen

·   Shared semantic domains for computational reliability engineering,  D. Coppit, R. R. Painter, and K. J. Sullivan

·   Enhanced testing of domain specific applications by automatic extraction of axioms from functional specifications,  A. Sinha, C. Smidts, A. Moran

·   Thoroughness of specification-based testing of synchronous software,  I. Parissis and J. Vassy

Break (Fremont)

3:30-5:00 Parallel Sessions

9A. Empirical Studies and Tools (Monarch/Loveland)

9B. Software Reliability Modeling (Independence)    

9C. Fast Abstracts II (Evergreen)

·   Automating the analysis of voting systems,  S. Yacoub, X. Lin, S. Simske, J. Burn

·   A bayesian belief network for predicting residual faults in software products,  S. Amasaki, Y. Takagi, O. Mizuno, and T. Kikuno

·   An explotarory study of component reliability using unit testing,  R. Torkar, S. Mankefors, K. Hansson and A. Jonsson

·   Using a log-normal failure rate distribution for worst case bound reliability prediction,  P.G. Bishop and R.E. Bloomfield

·   An iterative scheme for maximum likelihood estimation in software reliability modeling,  H. Okamura, Y. Watanabe and T. Dohi

·   Fault correction profiles,  N. F. Schneidewind

·    Network/Distributed systems reliability engineering; Validation/Verification

6:30-8:00 Banquet (Aspen)


Thursday, 11/20/2003   Research Day 2 (Registration & Breakfast - Ballroom Foyer)

8:30-9:30 10. Keynote: Dr. Ray Paul, DoD (Monarch/Loveland)

Break (Ballroom Foyer)

10-00 - 11:30 Parallel Sessions

11A. Empirical Studies (Monarch)

11B. Architectural Approaches I (Loveland)

11C. Talk (Evergreen)

·   Early warning of failure through alarm analysis - a case study in telcom voice mail systems,  D. Levy, R. Chillarege

·   Reducing wasted development time via continuous testing,  D. Saff, M. D. Ernst

·   User-oriented reliability modeling for a web system,  W.-L. Wang and M.-H. Tang

·   Assessing uncertainty in reliability of component--based software systems,  K. Goseva-Popstojanova and S. Kamavaram

·   When does it pay to make software more reliable?,  E. Stoker and J. B. Dugan

·   Test adequacy assessment for UML design model testing,  S. Ghosh, R. France, C. Braganza, N. Kawane, A. Andrews, O. Pilskalns

IEEE Reliability Society Denver Chapter Meeting (9:30-11:30)

Lunch (Attrium)

1:00-2:30 Parallel Sessions

12A. Software Testing (Monarch)

12B. Architectural Analysis II (Loveland)

12C. Fast Abstracts III (Evergreen)

·   A parametrized cost model to order classes for class-based testing of c++ applications,  B. A. Malloy, P. J. Clarke and E. L. Lloyd

·   Exploiting symmetries to test programs,  A. Gotlieb

·   Non-intrusive debug technique for embedded programming,  L. J. Moore, A. R. Moya

·   Composition analysis of qos properties for adaptive integration of embedded software components,  H. Ma, I-L. Yen, F. Bastani, K. Cooper

·   Augmenting simulated annealing to build interaction test suites,  M. B. Cohen, C. J. Colbourn, A. C.H. Ling

·   Darx - a framework for the fault-tolerant support of agent software,  O. Marin, M. Bertier, P. Sens

·    Software Reliability: Architecture, Practice and tools

Break (Ballroom Foyer)

3:00-4:30 Parallel Sessions

13A. Metrics (Monarch)

13B. Probabilistic Analysis (Loveland)

13C. Fast Abstracts IV (Evergreen)

·   Investigating java type analyses for the receiver-classes testing criterion,  P.-L. Brunelle, E.e Merlo, G. Antoniol

·   Incremental dynamic impact analysis for evolving software systems,  J. Law, G. Rothermel

·   A comparison of coverage-based and distribution-based techniques for filtering and prioritizing test cases,  D. Leon, A. Podgurski

·   Integrating software into PRA,  B. Li, M. Li, S. Ghose, C. Smidts

·   New quality estimations in random testing,  S. Mankefors, R. Torkar, A. Boklund

·   Maximizing interval reliability in operational software system with rejuvenation,  H. Suzuki, T. Dohi, N. Kaio and K. S. Trivedi

·    Software Testing: Methodology, Effectiveness and Empirical Studies

4:40 – 5:30: 14. Closing Session, ISSRE 2004 Overview

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